Welcome to Greek Wine tasting.

Travel all around Greece and get to know the wines and vineyards. Taste unique wines made from indigenous grape varieties. Greece has a tradition of more than 4.000 years in wine making. Dionysus, the god of vines, presented the art of wine making to humans. The start of vinegrowing in Greece lays far behind recorded history and is lost in the mist of time. Since then, vine cultivation, wine production and consumption is inextricably linked to the countrys everyday life. Wine is a complement to nutrition, part of religion, commercial product, pure pleasure, and culture. Greek vineyards are amongst the world’ s oldest and are found on diverse soil and terrain, at altitudes varying between sea level and the excess of 1.000 m. Proximity to the sea, the favorable climatic conditions and the small wine regions give Greek wines a unique and diverse character. Taste an exotic Malagouzia, a rare Assyrtiko, an intriguing Xinomavro and take a journey over unspoiled islands, emerald seas, picturesque villages, high mountains, rivers and lakes.

Wine is Greece.